SEUSI is an Association of Person, AOP firm registered with registrar of firms, Government of the Punjab. The firm is registered on 21st Feb 2020 but the team members have been working since many years as freelancers, having more than 30 years of working experience.
SEUSI as a sustainability platform offers a consultative and analytical approach in order to implement practical, measurable, and economically feasible solutions to guide its clients and partner factories to produce sustainable products for long-term financial success and business sustainability.
Our process is collaborative and designed to pair the expertise of the factory’s team with our experts to achieve the best outcomes possible. With our extensive networks and collaborations, we promote our local partner factories to International Brands and Retailers. Ultimately, promoting Pakistan as the future’s best Global Sustainable Products Resource.
SEUSI focuses to achieve tangible improvements by real-time monitoring of Social, Environmental, and Technical compliances through Automation, Digitization using technology up-gradation, and capacity building of employees in organizations, to achieve business objectives without unnecessary environmental harm and negative impact on people and communities associated with their business activities.
We aim to be a leading Sustainability Service provider by adding value to its client organizations, brands, and retailers through Advisory, Training and Monitoring based on Ethical groundwork.
SEUSI team includes foreign consultants having international exposure and experience helping client organizations to improve productivity and implement best practices of social labour standards. We focus on business improvements of our clients in textiles, apparels, and sports goods industry.
Using principles of process consultation, we help client organizations for business improvement and to increase their profitability resulting their contribution in the country economic growth. Through our focussed interventions employment and employability increased giving opportunity to working age groups to earn their livelihood and live prosperous life.
SEUSI helps client organizations to achieve their environmental compliances to increase volume of business in the international market as well as to be socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable organizations. We improve environmental compliance of our client organizations to help our people and society to live safe, secure and healthy life.
SEUSI gives special attention to social and labour standards, health and safety, and working environments for all employees in our client organization providing hazard free working environment to ensure better health and wellbeing of employees so that they can support their families and dependents in a better way.


We aim to contribute in United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) with special focus on “Decent Work and Economic Growth” (UN SDG No. 8) by introducing sustainable production practices in the industry. Harnessing the vision-based approach with focus on life cycle thinking, having feet-on-the-ground.


To be a leading sustainable service provider, we add values to its client organizations using principles of process consultation. Our sustainability mission envisions the needs of our customers to benefit current and future generations, thereby creating value for all the stakeholders.

GIZ Multiplier Status

SEU Sustainability International is a registered multiplier of GIZ and committed to promote sustainable development goals by implementing GIZ methodology, Dialogue for Sustainability DfS.
GIZ Textile Cluster intends to support the multipliers under the Textiles (Improving Labour and Environmental Standards in Pakistan’s Textile Industry) project, in executing seed ventures on DfS for generating the reference projects. These reference projects will be showcased in the future as multipliers’ own successful accomplishments on DfS implementation.

Meet Our People

Our people are our greatest strength

Muhammad Ejaz Chugtai

Founder & CEO

Ejaz has more than 32 years of experience in the textile and garment industry. He is specialized in the domains of social compliance and corporate social responsibility [CSR], productivity improvement, environment, chemical, energy, water & wastewater management, technical compliance, circular economy and digitization. His in-depth understanding of GIZ DfS methodology enables him to develop and execute strategic solutions to social, ecological and economic sustainability.
He Holds MPhil in Environmental Sciences, Master Degree in Sociology, Master Degree in Human Resource Management and PGD in Pakistan Labor Laws.