The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do & strategy without process is a wishlist. Here is how SEUSI can help you.


More productivity More employment

SEUSI helps partner factories to increase productivity by implementing Lean Manufacturing using productivity enhancement tools including value stream mapping, balancing of production lines, Poka Yoka, Kanban and JIT, single-piece flow, Multiskilling, Visual Controls, visual workplace 6S, Skill Matrix of operators, Time and Study Motion, 7 Mudas of Lean, and Kaizen.

We are expert of change management using GIZ DfS methodology involving workers, supervisor/process owners, middle and top management by developing Change Management Teams, CMTs concept.

Social & Labor Standards

Increase Profitability through Compliance to Social and Labor Standards

SEUSI helps partner factories to increase profitability by implementing Social and Labor Standards including compliance to workers’ legal rights, providing safe, secure, and better workplace working conditions, introducing performance rewards, and a productivity incentive system.

We are expert of controlling Absenteeism, and workers turnover by motivating and enhancing employee morale to increase productivity through GIZ Dialogue for Sustainability, DfS methodology.


Ethical business through Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR   

SEUSI helps partner factories to promote ethical business by implementing Social Corporate Responsibility, CSR in all the business processes and the Supply Chain. CSR practices lead to improve business processes, resource efficiency, environment protection and help to increase profitability through business improvement.

We are expert of implementing CSR best practices throughout the supply chain using GIZ Dialogue for Sustainability, DfS methodology. Our CSR services mainly focus on Environmental Standards compliance, Chemical management, Energy Efficiency, Water and waste water management, Higg Index, and ZDHC standards.