Projects completed with GIZ

Social and Labor Standards, SLSG, and LSP
HR, Social, and Labor Standards
Vision Zero 7 golden rules
Chemical and Mechanical Safety
Environmental Standards Compliance
Wastewater and Water Efficiency

Partner Factories

Achievements through Expert Interventions

Social and Labor Standards

Manpower optimization, Man to Machine Ratio, MMR reduced
Ensured provision of legal payment and wages to all types of workmen.
Ensured provision of Legal benefits including Social Security, Employee Old age Benefit and Group Insurance.
Implemented performance reward system and improved take-home salary achieving a living wage.
Improved Working Conditions providing Ergonomic Chairs and achieving desired level Light Lux, humidity, and temperature.
Developed feedback mechanism and reduced employee turnover and absenteeism
Ensured sustainability through Capacity building and monitoring mechanism
Focused on Gender Equality and improved gender balance.
Implemented Lean manufacturing
Transportation Waste reduced.
WIP reduced
Rework reduced
Space utilization improved by eliminating nonproductive sub-processes
Electricity consumption reduced
Steam consumption reduced
Productivity increased through performance rewards
Improved PPC to ensure regular supply of work to operators.

Environmental standards

Implemented ISO 14001, ZDHC, Oeko-Tex, Nordic Ecolabel, EU Flower, STeP, Made in Green standards requirements.
Reduced heavy metals in Wastewater Treatment to achieve ZDHC limits.
Reduced pollution load on Effluent Treatment Plant, ETP
Reduced use of chemicals by implementing Chemical Management System
Increased Re-use of Water during Bleaching, dyeing, and finishing processes.
Developed measuring and monitoring mechanism installing water flow meters.
Reduced water losses and improved Water Efficiency.
Developed mechanism for Recycling of Wastewater.